Peer Support Groups

Peer support is an important aspect of recovery for persons with mental illness. A Peer led support group brings people together who have similar experiences. Meetings are confidential, informal, non-judgmental, and are geared to stimulate discussion and sharing of concerns. Joining a support group is a valuable addition to, but not in place of, professional treatment. Support groups can help you feel less alone by making connections with others and get you motivated to stick to your treatment plan.

We have the following ongoing support groups:

Depression Support Group:
Meets every Thursday, 10:30 A.M. to noon, MHA office

Veterans Support Group:
Meets Wednesday from 07:00 PM to 8:30 PM MHA office

ATLAS Caregiver Support Group – meets every Monday, 4:30 pm to 6 pm.
If you still have questions, please contact The Mental Health Association at 239-261-5405 or at

Please see our calendar of current events for more information.



Adult Wellness


Gloomy about the end of summer? The Mental Health Association offers a shoulder to cry on… and much more!

ATLAS: New Support Group for Caregivers and Caretakers in Naples

The story of Atlas is a story of shoulders that had a lot to hold… Atlas was a titan as huge as a tower and you might feel to be endowed with the same magic power. Nevertheless, even Atlas, the titan, and let’s face it – you may hold much less, needed some relief and a break from stress.


This is a motto of a new support group for caregivers and, maybe surprisingly, for caretakers, too. “The name of the Atlas is inspired by Greek mythology. Although our caregivers do not hold the entire world like Atlas was forced to, they have to cope with a lot of pressure. We want to give a hand,” explained psychotherapist Eva Smidova, who is going to run this support group for the Mental Health Association in Naples. The group wants to bring together caregivers and caretakers to share their skills and experiences, learn how to relax, how to stop, incorporate and practice simple relaxation and self-care techniques into daily routines, and at least spend quality, joyful, fruitful time, and unique experience as unique as each of us.

Atlas welcomes everyone whose shoulders are used to support the others, to carry, to help, to hold up, to be at hand, to guard, and give. However, the life is not black, neither white. It can happen out of the blue that one day you are the one who is held and the other day you turn into the holder. You can become Atlas in any age just like it happened with… 10 years old Nicholas and his grandfather when former caregiving grandparent broke his leg, and this accident changed their roles; or 18 years old Kaitlyn whose mom got cancer that turned Kaitlyn from daughter to a caregiving and soothing mom and her mom to a dependent one; or 45 years old Arlene who belongs to the so called “sandwich” generation trying to saturate needs of her parents and teenaged children; or 60+ years old Sue who is retired grandmother permanently trying to catch up with the crowded schedule of her grandchildren.…..

Support group Atlas is empowering, resourceful, self-reflective, confidential, sensitive and respectful to your uniqueness, culture, religion, gender, and race. Atlas is based on family values, and is pro-family, as a system with enough space for everyone, oriented. Atlas aspires to be playful, creative, comfortable, and challenging.

Atlas group starts on Monday, September 8, 2014, and is going to meet every Monday from 4:30 to 6:00 PM MHA office. For registration please contact The Mental Health Association at 239-261-5405 or at