We emphasize recovery from mental and substance use conditions for all.MHASWFL confirms its commitment to:

  1. Raise its voice for people affected by mental and substance use conditions that have not had a voice.
  2. Diversity and cultural competence in programs, communication, treatment, and relationships.
  3. The translation of science into practice.
  4. Ensuring that the public’s trust is confirmed through efficient conscientious leadership and stewardship.

Workplace Wellness Program

wellnessRepresentatives of businesses and organizations will educate the staff of MHASWFL regarding their missions, goals and perceived needs. We, in turn, inform them about how mental health issues may influence their ability to reach their goals and how a program we present can address their perceived needs. Together we will identify educational programs which can best serve the employees while advancing the goal of Promoting the highest level of mental health in our community.

Key objectives of the Workplace Wellness Program include:

  • reducing stigmatization of mental health issues in the workplace and its accompanying shame
  • increasing participation in prevention and treatment intervention
  • reducing the impact of workplace stress, e.g. illness and injury
  • improving workplace satisfaction
  • increasing productivity
  • reducing employees absenteeism and termination
  • reducing substance abuse in employees and family members
  • reducing workplace conflict
  • building stronger cooperation and cohesiveness among co-workers
  • improving loyalty to organization and management