Pledge Wall

I pledge to use psychotherapy for healthy relationships, overcome addiction, and positive change.

I pledge to fight for my son who has a severe mental illness and advocate for everyone like him who deserves housing and care. Our system is failing and I will not rest until those with mental illnes

Pledge not to give up there is still hope for me. I am permanently disabled and Bipolar, broken back

I pledge to support individuals learning about their mental health and taking action to heal.

I pledge to reach out and use my experiences as a baseline for understanding within my community.

I pledge to help end the widespread social and cultural stigma and discrimination in mental health.


  • I am glad to show my support for an organization that has and is providing great unbiased services and programs to the community for close to 60 years!

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  • I want to extend my support to the great work that MHA of SWFL has done over the past 55 years. Their work has made a positive change in our community and encourage everyone to take the pledge with

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